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Mercedes V-Class, 2017
Mercedes Viano - quite compact, comfortable and very maneuverable car. The stylish minibus easily accommodates 5-7 passengers. Roomy luggage compartment makes it easy to organize a trip for the weekend and even outside Belarus.
About Features
Comfortable leather seats with individual adjustments, plenty of legroom. Three-point seat belts provide good support. Thanks to the swing door opening mechanism, it is easy to get into a minibus and a lot of passengers leave it, just as easily, including people of old age.
Form and Funktion
Air conditioning and a modern DVD system will brighten up your journey and make it truly practical.
Motion stabilization
The ESP motion stabilization system with a side wind resistance feature helps to cope with its strong gusts. And in the dark, the adaptive LED lights of the Intelligent Light System illuminate the corners and automatically switch to high beam. That's just when stationary urban lighting does not switch back to dipped.
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